Outpost Vega and Urn

Outpost Vega and Urn (Looking South East)

2012-12-12 00021

Vega North East Hut

2012-12-12 00023

Vega South West Hut

Outpost Vega is the Western-most outpost on Eden, and holds major clues to the unfolding story of Miasmata.

Vega is well suited for the tired explorer, offering good quantites of basic medicine, a lab, water and sleeping facilities.

Outpost Vega SW hut

Outpost Vega southern hut

2012-12-12 00019
Miasmata Vega creature paintings

Vega paintings of Creature

2012-12-13 00001

Map Note

[[basic medicine|
Outpost Vega more paintings

More paintings



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