Fleshy purple fruit
"It is a flowering plant and bears large, fleshy and bulbous fruits: purple and spotted in coloration and delicious."


Can be combined with the Large Jungle Flower to create the Muscle emphasis drug.
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Fleshy Purple Fruit Lab Notes


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Location of the Fleshy Purple Fruit plant

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Note marking location of Large Jungle Flower and Fleshy Purple Fruit

Large purple fruit location end of bay

Follow the bay to the end, then turn up the valley to discover the fruit on the hillside

East of T1 Hut along the trail and up the mountainside. South of the Ruins River. Near where the blue circle is. Follow the wise owl's gaze up the narrow valley at the end of the bay. There is a large patch of them on the top of the mountain.

A patch of them is also found near Outpost Polaris, in the Northeastern Peninsula, close to a tent.

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