Update #3 GOG V2 - Jan. 17th, 2013Edit

Forum Post

GOG V2 Forum

  • FOV Slider, accessible in the graphics settings menu.
  • Changes to the creature's behavior and encounter logic
  • More working Steam achievements
  • Misc Bug fixes

Update #2 (Beta) - Jan. 14th, 2013Edit

Forum Post

  • Performance optimizations (15-45% fps improvement)
  • More bug fixes
  • Allows for Alt+Tab

Update #1 (Beta) - Dec. 27th, 2012Edit

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  • Performance optimizations(10-50% fps improvement + reduction of loading stutters)
  • Some bug fixes
  • Re-written terrain texturing
  • V-Sync and Windowed mode

Release - Nov. 28th, 2012Edit

  • Miasmata 1.0 is released.

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