Mostly sourced from the official Report Bugs and Glitches sticky thread all these bugs have been verified as present in the latest version of Miasmata.

Known BugsEdit

Serious bugs that make it unplayableEdit

  • Performance issues, resulting in under 30fps on what would be considered otherwise 'decent' systems that meet the mimum specifications.  i.e: Intel Core2 Duo, AMD Athlon64 x2, or better, 2 GB RAM, NVidia Geforce 8600GT, ATI Radeon 3670HD or equivalent ~0.5Ghz core <1Gb ram video card. Reported many, many times, see sample
  • In certain cases Miasamata won't start properly or crashes while starting[1]
  • Changing game resolution adversely affects performance and water quality (see 'grainy water') or causes issues with text and menus.[2][3]
    • Try a restart or another resolution
    • IonFX knows about it and is working on it [4]
    • If no good, use screengrabs of menu (see refs) to click on the blank items, you may be able to change options (drop resolution) so the text becomes visible
  • When pausing game via ESC, then coming back and pressing 'Resume Game' the game CTD. Win7 says 'Miasmata has an error and will be closed' Error in event viewer is "Exception code: 0xc0000005" (Rare)

Annoying but can be worked aroundEdit

Cosmetic bugs or glitchesEdit

  • Water can look very grainy and unrealistic
  • If you research a plant, or find a duplicate of a note, the journal opens, but nothing else happens.
    • It will be moved to the end of the research or notes section and be read again there. [10]
  • A number of the ingredients 'fall through' the storage trays, especially the grey fungus and spadix plant, leaving a tiny sliver of the plant visible in the tray. If you crouch down, you can see most of the plant hanging under the table...[11]
  • The game will 'stall' or 'stutter' as it loads the music when entering a campsite[12]
  • Although practically everything else in the game updates 'in real time' the watch hands do not.  If you need to check the passage of time, keep putting your watch away and pull it out regularly.
  • Sometimes there is a green static-like rectangle around the (animated sprite?) flame on the lighter [13]
  • "Glance left and right" doesn't work [14]
  • When you have a Mental Clarity potion in your journal, the corner of the nametag 'peeks' through all left-hand pages in the journal, breaking immersion. Seems to be the Herculean Tonic for some.
  • If you are running, stomping over wood, etc and open your map without stopping first, the background sound effects loop continuously until the map is closed
  • Journal entries for Muscle Emphasis Drug and Endurance Emphasis Drug both have the title of the Muscle Emphasis Drug page. 


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